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We live in expensive times, and in today’s age, where things go out of style easily, shopping at thrift stores can be a shining beacon of light!

Shopping at our thrift store may offer you substantial benefits that extend far beyond that once or twice-yearly trip to the local Goodwill. You can expect to see completely different products every week in our thrift shop in Panama City Beach, FL. We are full of quality clothing, accessories, books, bargain-priced cosmetics, and more. Whether you are scoring a Louis Vuitton handbag, a rare vintage Rolex watch, or Hermes accessories, our shop can be your best bet to find luxury pieces at low prices. We also carry other brands, such as Levis, GAP, Gucci, Old Navy, Costa, Ray Ban, Nike, True Religion, Lucky, and many others.

Haven House Thrift Store
If possible, please make your donations during operating hours, to discourage theft. We are located at 20706 Panama City Beach Pkwy in Panama City Beach, FL. We can also schedule a pickup for you. Just tell us your most convenient date and time as well as your exact location. We look forward to seeing you!

There is no standardized way to measure the success of addiction programs and centers, as many base their success rates on unreliable metrics, such as client interviews, program completion, internal studies, and sobriety rates soon after treatment. However, statistics show that 73% of addicts often complete treatment in an inpatient setting as compared to just 43% for outpatients. This leads to a greater number of patients remaining sober after 5 years. These numbers can be attributed to the isolation of patients in a drug and alcohol-free environment like Haven House Addiction Recovery. The immersive, daily therapies and activities we offer in our facility help patients develop good habits that they will carry with them even after therapy.

Cost is a major factor in choosing any treatment, and while most rehab centers accept insurance, others do not. Our thrift shop brings a stable and consistent income while offering the area a meaningful community service. Our wish is to also maintain it as a good resource that will allow us to expand our programs and bolster our financial stability as a nonprofit group. This is especially important in an era where charities compete for limited grants and donations.

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