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How to Style Thrift Store Clothes

How to Style Thrift Store Clothes

Thrift stores offer a more broad-ranging set of styles compared to any mall or boutique. If you’re going for a completely fresh and unique look, thrift store clothes are a good way to bring out the creative side in you.

All you need are statement pieces that are normally skipped or left on the racks. Instead of going to familiar racks, check out the aisles that hold unusual finds. Whether you find something oversized or undersized, let these tips on how to style thrift store clothes guide you for your next new look.

Styling Thrift Clothes for Self-Expression

Here are some ways to use thrift store clothes to showcase your personality through fashion:

#1: Shop!

First thing’s first: you need to choose your canvas to create a masterpiece — in this case, we’re talking about clothes. There is no definite way to choose clothes, but when you do, you have to look for clothing that looks great together.

A general rule of thumb is not to purchase a top without a good set of bottoms to go with it. If you want to add accessories or match clothing using complementary colors, that would make a complete killer look.

#2 Pair Classics With Contemporary

Not all old and worn-out items are useless. If you spot a great piece that is a little worn out, it’s best to pair it with a new piece and make a bold statement. For instance, if you find a classic leather jacket with a raggedy collar and scratched up elbows, wear it with a new pair of jeans or leggings to match. Bottom line: reinvent history and wear it proud!

#3 Be Unusual

Thrift clothes are fun to combine for a whimsical addition to your wardrobe. They give you an opportunity to mix vintage with modern, or make unusual and opposite styles attract. For instance, you can shop for prom dresses and pair them with a denim jacket and sneakers or wear a scruffy rock band t-shirt with an elegant vintage jacket.

You can also look for something nice and fun like kooky vests and oversized items. You can also pair some classic coats with a v-neck t-shirt or an oversized denim button-up for a sexy masculine vibe.

#4 Upgrade Oversized Pieces

Thrift stores are great places to purchase oversized and undersized statement pieces at affordable prices. These sizes are less common and sell more slowly. Usually, you’ll find these at the very end of the aisle.

Some things you can do with oversized clothing are:

  • Turn sweaters and large t-shirts into dresses
  • Cut and sew maternity dresses into slouchy loungewear
  • Use large pants as baggy jeans

#5 Turn Kiddie Wear Into Tank Tops

You can wear small loose shirts as crop tops or turn kiddie sleeveless dresses into adorable tank tops. Plus, a baseball hat with your favorite cartoon character is also a great way to bring out the child in you. No matter what you plan to buy in this section, make sure that the neck and sleeves fit right.

#6 Focus On Quality

How thrift clothes look, are tailored, and feel are some ways to choose a fashion project. If you are planning to buy thrift store clothes, know that a little love and care with laundering can bring out the best in your fabric. Overall, it’s important to feel the fabric, check if it fits, and check the brand.

There are specific types of fabrics that you should look for the most when it comes to quality.

Among them are:

  • Silk: Thrift stores are great resources for old silk blouses and ties. If you are planning to get a blouse specifically, always check under the arms for discoloration. Note that sweat is not great for silk.
  • Leather: Leather shoes and jackets are usually interesting to work with, as they only require a polish to look brand-new.
  • Denim: Thrift stores usually offer great finds for solid denim wear, which usually wears well and feels comfortable.
  • Tweed: Tweed jackets do not show stains, are easy to rehabilitate, and promise an evergreen style.

#7 Think and Act Like a Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are well-known for being crafty when it comes to handling clothing. If you happen to buy your clothes from a thrift store shop, thinking like a designer means looking at thrift store clothing as a bundle of works-in-progress.

Some ways to act like a fashion designer are to:

  • Try something on, and manipulate it in multiple ways, like pinching it back, wearing it backwards, turning it inside out, or tucking it in. If only minor edits are needed, you can work with the clothing easier.
  • Don’t overstock unaltered clothing. Otherwise, you may end up with a lot of junk. The idea for this is to work on what you buy as soon as you have them.
  • If your thrift store has a bargain bin, you can find a lot of stained and stretched pieces, which you can easily dye, mend, or even restyle.

#8 Restore Items

It’s always a good thing to restore items and give them a new chance in the world of fashion.

Some of the ways you can do so include:

  • Shaving off some fluff: Looking through the pilled section may end up with a cute sweater or fluffy items that you can razor to lightly remove the pilling off. Other products that you can use to trim individual pills include: a sandpaper sponge, scissors, or specialty products.
  • Patching holes up: Patching a garment can help you either salvage or restyle your fabric. You can always be creative with contrasting fabric or be discreet with a matching one. Patches are usually either sewed or ironed on clothing.

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