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6 Simple Ways to Recycle Old Jeans from Thrift Stores

Simple Ways to Recycle Old Jeans from Thrift Stores

Do you have a lot of pre-loved jeans that you can never seem to let go of? Thrift stores never fail to be the perfect place to find all kinds of high-quality denim. It’s easy to fall in love with its re-usability and comfort. However, if your jeans really do not fit you anymore or have fallen out-of-style, you can always revamp them! We have rounded up some of the easiest ways to recycle them into a new favorite of yours. Check them out!

Trendy Shorts

If you are tired of your old flared jeans, all you need is a pair of scissors to get some new cute shorts for the summer. First, wear the pants and choose how short you would like them to be. Then, get a pencil to mark where you will cut them off. After that, carefully cut each leg straight. You can also go for a ragged design by pulling the excess threads from the cut.

Denim Decorations

You may also craft denim decorations by adding colorful patches, cloth, ribbons, or flowers. While these decorations are commonly sewn or attached to some holes or stains on your garment using a glue gun, they make wonderful home accessories too!

Reusable Bags

There are a lot of options for DIY denim bags that can be useful for daily use. Why not go for a tote bag? Just cut squares with the same sizes using your old jeans. Then, sew them up according to your preferred bag size. You can also mix and match by using different sets of jeans or fabrics that make the colors pop.

Stylish Accessories

Denim accessories will never go out of style with any outfit of your choice. You can use your old jeans or DIY denim skirt to create a new headband or hairband. Just cut some pieces of the denim and twist or braid them together. Then, secure it by sewing or using a glue gun. For kids, you can also use the strips of denim to craft friendship bracelets for fun.

Denim Organizers

With all the good stuff you can get from thrift stores, it can be hard to stay organized. Luckily, you can recycle old jeans by turning them into organizers for your essentials. For a makeup or pen organizer, all you need is your pair of jeans, a used tissue roll carton, scissors, and a glue gun. Cover one of the carton’s holes by securing the denim on top of it. Use the glue gun to let it stick, cut the excess cloth, and you’re done.

You can also cut out the pocket of your jeans or a DIY denim jacket and secure them on a hard surface. These pocket organizers are ideal as key holders that you can hang on a cork or bulletin board.

Kitchen-Friendly Items

The good quality and durability of denims make it great as a cleaning tool. You can cut off strips of denim and weave it together to create a rag. You can also sew them as a potholder for cooking. It’s also ideal for beautifying your dining table by crafting denim place mats.

Now you do not have to worry anymore about getting all the great denim finds at thrift stores. You now know the easiest ways to recycle old jeans into other useful home items. If you have a lot of old clothes that you are not using anymore, this may be a sign for you to treat yourself to a new purchase. Go ahead and find affordable and high-quality thrift store finds at Haven House, one of the most popular thrift stores in Santa Rosa Beach, FL.